Bettman & Halpin: Playing and Singing to Our Hearts!

Agenda Magazine: April 12, 2016. Super tight harmonies, simplistic melodies, relatable lyrics, and exquisite virtuoso playing . . . this fiddle-playing, folk-singing duo is called Bettman & Halpin. They have produced truth with their lyrics, and I get every single one of their tunes! Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin have an interesting beginning and have been going strong for years as a music group who feature a series of stringed instruments, ranging from violin to mandolin. They can’t be accused of over-production. They keep their music clean, open, and very musical. All of their songs are based on realistic scenarios, if not just plain truths of the human condition, relating to love, heartbreak, human interaction, and even some uncomfortable misfortunes. As you can see, I could go on forever describing their music. What I love most about this duo is their knack to create a reality during their impressive performances.

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