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Telling tales: Songwriters Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin bring stories to life By Kim Dixon Perez 12/13/2012 On a Sunday evening in October, I sat in Pasadena’s Neighborhood Church and listened as songwriters and musicians Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin told me stories. Through their music, they described visiting a graveyard for circus performers and…

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New Press About KCET!

Thank you to all of you who watched the film on KCET in December.  We had tons of positive response and it’s clear that the film gets people excited to see us live! Pasadena Star News:  Pasadena Weekly:  

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Review: It All Comes Back To Love – KGLT FM

I really cannot pick one favorite, because each took me to a place to which I wish to return to again and again. And I guess that is why it really does come back, comes back to a great love for what music can do. GET THIS CD!! Highly recommended!

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