By Stephanie | Jan 14, 2010

For press and publicity usage, high-res photos and information to download. Pieces as PDFs: 8×10″ photo of Stephanie Bettman 8×10″ photo of Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin blank performance press release Stephanie Bettman bio Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin bio “Daily Breeze” Article 11×17″ poster 8.5×14″ poster 8.5×11″ poster The photos as high-res JPGs: 8×10…

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Promo Video

By Stephanie | Dec 24, 2009
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More Videos

By Stephanie | Nov 28, 2009

More videos of Stephanie and Luke playing! It All Comes Back to Love

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Article: Daily Breeze

By Stephanie | Nov 12, 2009

Bettman’s songs cover the emotional spectrum and audiences seem to be drawn to them.

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Review: Petered Out

By Stephanie | Sep 24, 2009

…Stephanie’s vocals putting her in a league with the greats like Emmy Lou yet sounding only like herself.

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Review: Albuquerque Journal Venue

By Stephanie | Jun 12, 2009

With her CD, Bettman’s careers as a singer — and as a songwriter — appear destined for wider recognition.

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Review: Maverick Magazine (UK)

By Stephanie | Apr 1, 2009

Warm and teasing she weaves an enchanting snare…

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Review: Country Jukebox

By Stephanie | Sep 1, 2008

That Stephanie Bettman has reached a level comparable to others like Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and Alison Krauss so quickly is a bit uncanny.

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Review: Music Connection

By Stephanie | Jul 1, 2008

Stephanie Bettman is an award-winning singer and fiddler with impressive versatility.

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