Review: “It All Comes Back to Love” –

By Stephanie | Sep 8, 2010

Highlights of the album include the beauty of Halpin’s mandolin playing and harmonies as well the definable sounds of Bettman’s amazing vocals.

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Music Matters.

By Luke Halpin | Mar 25, 2010

Hello, fans of Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin! Luke here. Welcome to the MUSIC MATTERS BLOG. Music matters in the sense that it has the potential to change lives. For the good, or for the bad. We’re going to try and stay focused on the good. I have personal experience with fans sending emails and…

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By Stephanie | Jan 14, 2010

For press and publicity usage, high-res photos and information to download. Pieces as PDFs: 8×10″ photo of Stephanie Bettman 8×10″ photo of Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin blank performance press release Stephanie Bettman bio Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin bio “Daily Breeze” Article 11×17″ poster 8.5×14″ poster 8.5×11″ poster The photos as high-res JPGs: 8×10…

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Promo Video

By Stephanie | Dec 24, 2009
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More Videos

By Stephanie | Nov 28, 2009

More videos of Stephanie and Luke playing! It All Comes Back to Love

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Article: Daily Breeze

By Stephanie | Nov 12, 2009

Bettman’s songs cover the emotional spectrum and audiences seem to be drawn to them.

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Review: Petered Out

By Stephanie | Sep 24, 2009

…Stephanie’s vocals putting her in a league with the greats like Emmy Lou yet sounding only like herself.

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Review: Albuquerque Journal Venue

By Stephanie | Jun 12, 2009

With her CD, Bettman’s careers as a singer — and as a songwriter — appear destined for wider recognition.

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Review: Maverick Magazine (UK)

By Stephanie | Apr 1, 2009

Warm and teasing she weaves an enchanting snare…

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