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…Stephanie’s vocals putting her in a league with the greats like Emmy Lou yet sounding only like herself.

…So the Duncan’s gave the raffle winner their prize (missing a few morsels!) and introduced Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin. Stephanie Bettman is a singer/songwriter/fiddler extraordinaire and has been generating a buzz in bluegrass/country circles with inevitable comparisons to Allison Cross and Emmy Lou Harris. She has the chops and talent to back up this hype. And her partner, in both music and love, Luke Halpin, is an awesome talent in his own right. The duo kicked off the set with a fiddle rave-up, Stephanie’s “Seed Of Doubt” which let us know the kind of first rate musicianship we were in for. Next Luke switched to guitar on the ballad “Get Close To Me” with Stephanie’s vocal recalling Joan Baez at her best.

The tone shifted a bit with the latinish rhythms of “On a Moonlit Night” with Luke’s falsetto vocals amazing us all. Actually the revelation for me this night was Luke’s singing voice. I knew all about his instrumental prowess and knew what a great voice Stephanie had but I never had heard Luke’s tremendous voice. Whether it was doing harmony backgrounds to Stephanie’s lead or delivering booming bluesy leads himself ( I think the song was “The Place Where I Am Going”, a little sketchy on some titles), Luke has impressive vocal talents I was unaware of.

Some of the remaining highlights included Luke’s incredible guitar riffing in “Keep A Stiff Upper Lip”, the up-lifting message song “The Good Silver” and the country ballad “The Letting Go” with Stephanie’s vocals putting her in a league with the greats like Emmy Lou yet sounding only like herself. And when the evening ended to the strains of “Empty Words, Broken Promises” ,with John and Bill joining in on background vocals, we were left feeling like it had been a memorable evening after all (see picture top right).

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Stephanie Bettman with Luke Halpin House Concert Review

September 7, 2009

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