CD Reviews

“Stephanie Bettman will surely send chills up your spine within moments…her vocals are rich and full bodied to say the least” – – Nashville

I really do love Bettman's soaring vocals, and she reminds me a lot of Holly Near (a favorite)…She also plays a mean fiddle” – Steve Ramm Anything Phonographic

“Emotive Joan Baez inspired vocals…head-spinning mandolin and guitar picking…velvety close harmonies.” – Music News Nashville

“Just as Emmylou Harris made her mark, Stephanie Bettman is surely going to make hers….” – Today’s Country

“Wow these guys can really sing and pick…these songs are very special…each took me to a place I wish to return to again and again…” – Rick James, Americana Backroads KGLT

“Bettman & Halpin’s new CD takes my breath away. The singing and playing is literally out of this world” – Roz Larman, Folkscene KPFK

"That Stephanie has reached a level comparable to others like Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez, and Alison Krauss so quickly is a bit astounding..." - Country Jukebox, Germany

“Impressive versatility...a dulcet voice, pure and clear" - Music Connection

“Bettman jams it up like few others as she leads the ensemble with great imagination.” – Maverick, UK

“How can such a classy performer go wrong with quality moments channeling Emmylou? My album of the week ... without question.” - Eddie O’Strange, Town & Country Radio, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

“…recalls the soaring soprano of Joan Baez… draws the listener right in from the opening notes… she’s mastered that bluegrass art of pairing a dark lyric with a powerful upbeat melody… She’s an artist to watch.” – Kerry Dexter of Dirty Linen 

Stephanie Bettman's singing voice will remind you of a cross between Emmylou Harris and Joan Baez.  In her debut CD, Bettman, who also is a fine fiddler and a composer, produces more than sound alike vocals.  She also creates an eminently listenable mix of music that covers plenty of territories of style, from bluegrass to folk ballads and laments to country." - David Steinberg of the Albuquerque Journal