Live Performance Review Quotes

"Bettman plays the fiddle like she was born with it and Halpin, I believe, played every other stringed instrument known to man.  Their harmonies are impeccable and, throughout, Bettman’s voice reached across the rows and surrounded me, as if lifting me from my seat.  At times I found myself so moved by their performance that I wasn’t sure if I, the crotchety old man I’ve become, was still in there…

I’ve been to concerts from some of the top professionals in the industry.  But I can’t recall ever being so moved by a performance.  By the end of the program, I found myself hoping that, the next time I’m dead, the Angels will sing to me as beautifully as Stephanie did." - Bill 2018

"...This is no run-of-the-mill “bluegrass” band!  I would recommend them not only for the wide variety of truly good music they perform and the lovely stories they tell between pieces, but much moreover for the extraordinarily high quality of musicianship they bring to the stage."

-Pat Underwood, Director Tassel Performing Arts Center 2017

"When I think Stephanie Bettman, I think high energy, smart lyrics, rich music and an engaging performer"

- Taran Schindler of San Pedro's Grand Annex Performance Space 2015

“The chemistry that Bettman & Halpin have on stage is genuine. The performance they had was a breath of fresh air in the midst of how far off-track the music industry has gone. Bettman & Halpin proved that fundamentals will always prevail. Their lyrics contained profound substance and meaning, and their great musical composition blew everyone away – song-by-song performed.

Every song hijacked your heart and took you through an emotional ride.”

– Living Out Loud LA 2014

Bettman and Halpin are masterful storytellers, musicians, and guides through the highs and lows of life’s journeys.  You need several adjectives to describe them — "soothing, spiritual, thoughtful, passionate, energizing, inspirational, and fresh” are just a few.

-bill cohen, Columbus Folk Music Society 2013

"Luke burned up the strings on mandolin, guitar and fiddle like a young Ricky Scaggs. Luke’s playing was so exceptional that one of the guitarists in the crowd suggested we all go behind the building after the show, burn our instruments, and then shoot ourselves.”

- Houston Folklore Society 2012

“Stephanie Bettman is a magical musician….an engaging performer who often leaves her audiences stunned by her qxquisite singing and deft musicianship with the fiddle…”

-Luis Torres, Pasadena Star December 2nd 2011

“Bettman is a fast-rising musical up-and-comer who has earned comparisons witheveryone from Alison Krauss to Emmylou Harris"

  • Bob Mehr, Go Memphis  Feb 2010

“Bettman and Halpin’s own blend of bluegrass, Americana, pop, ballads,

blues and jazz defy labeling as anything other than extremely talented, utterly engaging and enjoyable music.” –

"Stephanie Bettman may be several years removed from her last acting role, but the multi-talented performer hasn't forgotten what it feels like to create a bond with an audience.  Indeed, she's taken her stage and screen skills and applied them to an increasingly successful, eclectic carreer as a songwriter, vocalist and fiddler."

- Michael Petersen preview from the San Pedro Breeze

“A phenomenal singer/songwriter/fiddler…an artist of great promise destined for huge success.” Richard Greene, Grammy winning Fiddler (Bill Monroe, Seatrain) 2009

“Wonderful originals…songs that can all become standards…these things belong on the Americana Charts!”Larry Wines, Tied To The Track syndicated radio show 2008

“A fiddle playing charmer with a set of pipes she knows how to use and a gift of gab that regularly amuses her audience.” Jessie Lilley, Mondo Cult Magazine 2008

“The next Alison Krauss.” 2007 Sedona Bluegrass Festival