"A truly grand and memorable experience. The harmony, her crystal clear voice, the flawless musical execution – that boy can pick a guitar. And banjo. And mandolin. Wow, it left us breathless...Their performance was unforgettable. They made you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Outstanding." - Bob and Sue Littleton CO 2018

"The poetic lyrics, beautiful vocals, and absolutely phenomenal fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, etc.  was something I might expect from an entire band of talent, but the two of you are unmatched!" - Karen Banning Littleton CO 2018

"...You and Luke are extraordinary not only with your talents but also in the way you connect with your audience. If people (myself included) treat you like old friends, it's because that's how you come across on stage." - Libby Hanlon Alamogordo NM 2018

“(Stephanie Bettman has) One of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard” – Mark in Lakewood CO 2016

“Not since Neil Young's After the Gold Rush (from my youth) have I enjoyed an album so much (as “Diamond”). Can't tell if it is your beautiful voice, the beautiful lyrics, the beautiful tunes, or the beautiful ensemble work that does it, but who cares? Absolutely fabulous!” – Mike in IL 2014

“Soul searing lyrics, beautiful singing, and amazing musicianship” – Cathy in IL 2016

“Their music has a fresh take on folk and country music. Stephanie's writing dares to put notes to subjects in society that you would normally not think could possibly turn out such an inspirational song . Causing the listener to hum it long after it's been played and to think about the message.”  Bernadette, Amazon User Review 2015

“Bettman & Halpin warm the heart, inspire and make you want to sing or tap along to music that reminds me of the great folk singers of the 60s but with an up-to-date feel”
- Amazon User Review 2015

“I connected not only with the melodies, but with the words…My goal with this couple is to own all the cd's they make and see as many performances as are within my area.

Keep 'um coming...” – Lucia, Amazon User Review 2015

“When my wife and I drive anywhere together now, we play Diamond and attempt to sing along -hoping to sound like Stephanie and Luke. Our favorite is the chorus from "Blue Stem", where Stephanie & Luke's harmonies give us "shivers down the spine"

– Nestor, Amazon User Review 2015

“I love the energy Bettman & Halpin put into their songs; it’s a pure gift to the receiver. Their melodies can calm, energize, soothe or excite the listener. And their harmony never fails to impress me; two beautiful voices blending together perfectly. Bettman & Halpin use their talents to translate their experiences in life into song, thus sharing their precious souls and hearts with fortunate listeners.” – Janice, Amazon User Review

“…Simply beautiful music….Every song is like going on a journey, like a little story that as it unfolds, you feel like you're a part of it somehow.” – Melissa, Amazon User Review

“Words that mean something and great playing to boot! Bettman & Halpin take you back to when you actually listened to music and didn't just have it playing in the background. Take the time to enjoy this great music. Then go see them live” – Shane, Amazon User Review

“Diamond is an amazing song! One of the best I've heard in years” – Maribelle, Amazon User Review

Hi Stephanie and Luke..............my friends and I loved the Christmas Concert and you can count on us to attend any of your concerts in ABQ!  I told my one friend....a member of the Chickasaw Nation....of your song about the Trail of Tears (heard it at St. John's).  She says if you ever record it she wants it....me too.  You two are so talented.  Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season and hope you come back real soon!  Betty Jones (from St. John's ABQ NM 2016)

Thanks to you and Luke for a really enjoyable start to the holiday season, yesterday.  The couple we brought with us had a good time and bought 2 CD’s.  Your re-working of a few old favorites along with all the wonderful original songs and music that the two of you do made a for a great afternoon.  Glad we’re on the email list and will look forward to a future performance in ABQ.  We’re getting into the decorating mode here, so…….think I’l go wrap up a “box of nothing” to put under the tree for my wife!   


Bill (ABQ 2016)

Thanks for the awesome performance yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed it very much. Peter & Susan (ABQ 2016)

Stephanie And Luke,

A belated ‘Thank You’ for your appearance in Tulsa at Scott Aycock’s house concert.

We’ve been visiting Scott’s place for years and you two are at the top of our list - along with our other favorite duo Bill and Kate Isles.

Wanted to share a story resulting from your performance.

Yesterday - Friday after Thanksgiving - we took a trip to Hugo, OK to find Showman’s Rest.

Although I’ve often traveled there, we were unaware of the circus connection until your story.

Off we went from Grove OK, down past Westville (named for Jim West - a railroad lawyer) then to the Talamena drive to see the Fall colors which were pretty spectacular this year.

A stop in Broken Bow for lunch before cruising down to Idabel - Adele just wanted to see it because of the name.

As we left Idabel, we put on one of your CDs and, not remembering the name of the song (a not uncommon problem in our ‘70s), we thought we didn’t have it on that particular disk.

Imagine our delight when ‘If you go to Hugo …’ came over the speakers just as we crossed the SW border of the city.

Had to stop at the Handi-Mart for directions.

Back down the main street, turn west at the Taco Mayo and keep going to the stone entrance.

And there we found Mt Olivet and Showman’s Rest.

We visited for almost an hour, exploring every monument, name, picture and inscription.

All just as you captured in your lyrics.

A poignant time as, when we were kids, we were thrilled by similar performers.

Finding their final rest - and noting that some of them passed so young - was a reminder of how brief this time is.

As we prepared to leave, we stayed a few minutes longer, opened the windows and played for them all ‘Flowers and Stones’.

A surprisingly emotional moment for us while your words went out to the roustabouts and ringmen, trapeze artists, trainers and carnival barkers, their wives and husbands and sweethearts - and the two newly interred whose mounds were still fresh.

We left after that with a westerly sun warming their plots and the elephants only burdened by time and moss.

We like to think ‘Big John’ and all the rest thanked you for keeping their memory fresh and adding some value to the joy they brought to so many.

Adele and David Register Tulsa OK 2016

I absolutely loved the concert tonight at Chalice Abbey.  Luke, your mandolin gave me chills down my back, what amazing sounds you created.  Stephanie, your voice is so incredibly beautiful.  Your songs made me laugh and cry.  Thank you so much for coming to Amarillo! --Bridget, Amarillo TX 2016

Your Merry Christmas CD is our new favorite! (Patsy ABQ 2016)

I can remember the last time I enjoyed a concert so much! (Mark, ABQ 2016)

You have a wonderful voice, and your stories…just great! (Rick, Nebraska 2017)