Review: “It All Comes Back to Love” –

Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin – It All Comes Back To Love
By Jan Duke, Guide

The Bottom Line: Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin’s newest collaboration entitled It All Comes Back To Love blends the wonderful and rich voice of Stephanie Bettman with the fine tuned sounds of Luke Halpin. Stephanie Bettman’s vocals will surely send chills up your spine within moments…her vocals are rich and full bodied to say the least. Add Luke Halpin’s instrumentalist skills and perfectly blended harmonies into the mix and you get a near perfectly mastered acoustic album. The album offers a respectable showing of tunes and comes in with a total of eleven, seven of which were written by Bettman, two by Halpin and two jointly written by the duo. Their sound, in general, was hard to place into a specific genre but I would have to label the album as more of an Americana style. Expect the songs to include a mixture and blend of several styles that include; Bluegrass, Ballads, Country, and Americana. Highlights of the album include the beauty of Halpin’s mandolin playing and harmonies as well the definable sounds of Bettman’s amazing vocals.

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